HELLO!!!!!  My name is Jennifer or otherwise, affectionately known as Peaches lol! So nice to meet you and welcome to my blog!! I am a follower of Jesus, recently married (whoop whoop!!), full of curiosity, bored with the mediocre woman who has a lot to say and decided to blog about it!

W.W.J.S. is a blog magazine that is unconcerned about grammatical errors and more concerned about bringing you motivating, positive “news” rooted in Jesus Christ! It’s a laid back, fun unstructured blog designed to get you to think outside of your comfort zone and discover new talents and opportunities for yourself. Posts will be presented daily and will change from day-to-day! There may be days where you may find more than one post or just some words of encouragement.

If you have a business that you would like mentioned in my blog feel free to send an email to watwldjennsay@aol.com with all details and any promotions you are offering and you will be featured! Are you in a special event or do you know of one that needs to be advertised and exposed? Let me know!!!

So…are you ready to get started?! Click here —-> “What Am I Saying?!” <—-and get started!

I am truly looking forward to sharing with you!

This is all I  had to say… for now 🙂 lol!

  1. Ellen (Moore) Gill

    Hello Jenn, numerous doors have been slammed on me in the past few months, doors I was sure were opened. As I was preparing my testimony of the miracles God was working in my life one after another, doors began to close. Suddenly I am feeling lost, empty, and rejected. Many words of encouragement have come my way but I can not seem to move past this sudden feeling of hopelessness. I am in need of a sho nuff miracle today but it seems out of reach for me. What do you say Jenn? As I prayed about feeling rejected by the doors being closed on me, God said to me “Now you know how I feel about how you have been treating me”.. WOW!!! Anyway I want to hear from you and your followers about how to make it though the dry seasons of our lives. Thanks for providing this vehicle to share and give insight into our Journey of Faith. Blessings

    • Hello Ellen!
      First let me say I appreciate your transparency and know that you are not alone. I will do a blog post today in response to your concerns. I am POSITIVE there is someone else who feels much like you. I really appreciate your support of W.W.J.S. and I am looking forward to continuing our journey together! God Bless You!

    • @ellen moore gill.. God will not put more on us den we can bare. All those doors da were closing was God saying it wasnt for. For da bibke declares dat no good thing will he with hold from you. Word if encouragement::: Your attitude in da wilderness determines how long u stay derr

  2. Hey, Jenn! I wanted to come over and tell you thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. May the Lord bless you!

  3. Hey Jenn!
    I really enjoy your blog. They are thought-provoking and inspirational. They often make me laugh and sometimes emotional……. Okay!!! Okay!!! I have cried over some too!!! But I definitely look forward to reading them and sharing them with my friends. Keep up the great work… Keep stirring up that GIFT!

  4. I believe you have made many truly interesting points. Not too many people would really think about it the direction you just did. I am truly impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been uncovered and you did it so nicely

  5. Love this JEN!! So Perfect for you.. I wish you Blessings and Success. I will be checking in!!

    Love you,
    Lisa W.

  6. Hey, I really like the message! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  8. U GO GIRL!!! Very nice!!! Hollaz!!

  9. u go Mrs.Wendy Williams,Peaches,Jennifer Moore LOL.

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