You WILL Pass This Test!!!

We always look at others to compare ourselves to where we think we should be. Admit it…we’ve all done it before. As Christians, we wonder why when we do everything the right way we still seem to be attacked the hardest. Yet sometimes when we look around us, it seems like were surrounded by people who have no regard for others, are strictly out for self and they don’t care who’s toes they have to step on to get where they want to be. We can’t help but wonder if were doing something wrong.
Great news!!!! YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!!! Be reminded that the devil has those people’s hearts right where he wants them. There is nothing to test. Nothing to attack. They are being disobedient to God’s will and what He wants for us- lil’ d is satisfied -that’s enough for him. For those of us who desire a closer relationship with God and long to please Him- we are prime targets for the devil. Jesus said it himself :

John 16:33 (New International Version, ©2011)

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

So take your test and trials as a compliment. God believes your strong enough to pass the test and the devil recognizes how much of a threat you are once you realize your strength.

You must realize that what God has for you is strictly yours! Stop looking around at others and start giving them something to look at! The plans God has for you has YOUR name on it and even the date it’s gonna manifest! He knew all that you would endure before you were even born. Your job is to have faith in Him and have the courage to step out on faith in what He’s called u to be. That does not include being involved in what everyone else is doing or keeping tabs on what “blessings” they appear to be receiving. That has nothing to do with your walk with God. Don’t fall victim to the traps the devil sets before you; Life is a test and God has already provided the answers in the Bible; He wants you to do so well that He has allowed the test to be open book! There’s no way you can fail! You’ve already got the victory!!

Love Ya!!


About What Would Jenn Say?!

I am a spunky chick who can't stand mediocrity who discovered her love of writing and decided to blog about life, love, food fashion and everything in between!! Welcome too my world!

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  1. LaToya Franklin

    Hey Jen, I love this post and can definitely relate to it. I love the advice that you give on your blogs. . Love ya girly and Miss u…

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