Mary emailed W.W.J.S. seeking some advice…check out the email below:

I am hosting my very first SURPRISE birthday dinner. Maggiano’s Little Italy is the location. You KNOW alll about that place(wink). Anywho, I was thinking jeans, a colorful top, jacket and heels. Or maybe a dress. I’m so confused. I want to look classy/chic. But not like I’m trying to be EXTRA. How YOU doin’? Please help me!!!

Well Mary, I have pulled together some looks for you that I think would be great for this occasion! Take a look and let me know what you think!

The first 2 dresses that I liked comes to us from one of my favorite stores…The Limited!! The dresses are cotton so they don’t
offer an “over-done” look and the color will look great against your skin tone and the gathered material offers extra security to get your eat on!
Since the dresses are solid, I would throw a pop of color in my shoes and accessories.
The next store you will find me in is Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. See the looks below:
I love this dress for the colors and the shape. It has such a 50’s vibe to it. I would also pair a cardigan with it, just in case you get a little chilly. Now of course, I’m sure your asking, “Cardigan in June?” I found the perfect one…

With this cardigan I would leave it open and where it that way.

Have you ever heard Wendy Williams say, “friend in my head?” Well Victoria Beckham is totally my friend in my head! If you decide to do jeans and a pump I think she is a great example of how chic, fashionable and sharp this look can be. All you need to do is grab an eye-catching clutch, roll up the sleeves, add a bangle or two or layered necklace to spice it up a bit! If you really want to be daring grab a white, colored or patterned blazer for a surprising twist to a classic look.
Not sure how you feel about this look but I thought it was adorable! With a red pump and bold red lip this can really make a statement!!
These are great blazers from Nordstrom if you didn’t want to go with your traditional black blazer:
And tell me…WHO doesn’t love a spicy red pump; compliments of Betsy Johnson via Nordstrom!!! Add a ripped jean or even a cut off short (pedal pusher) and this look is screaming DIVA!
Because I love it so and something needed to be with the Peach Jacket lol (just a thought 🙂 )
One of the hottest trends on the runway right now is Color Blocking. For those of you who have no clue as to what I’m referring to…fear not see the pics below!!
The key to this look is…YOU CAN NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR OR MIXING THEM! Have fun!!!

I thought this dress by Marc Jacobs was absolutely AMAZING! A little on the pricey side at $158 BUT you know the quality will be there and this dress will definitely last you a long time! Paired with a bright cardigan or jean jacket, this is great for the spring/summer. When the fall rolls around throw on a pair of tights and awesome knee boots and you have taken this look into another season!

I thought the black, grey and red dress was awesome as well! Paired with an amazing, bright colored pump and accessories, you’ll be color blocking in no time!

Another option is to choose a Color Block Shoe and wear something solid!
All of these items paired together offer a statement without going over the top! Add an amazing pump or even a fun flat and your all set!
Last but  certainly not least…you can’t forget an incredible mani!!!

JUST KIDDING!!!! Let’s try this again lol!
Mary not only will you be set for your surprise dinner but you will be set up for the summer! 😉
Have a question or need advice?! Email watwldjennsay@aol.com today!!!!
Love Ya!

About What Would Jenn Say?!

I am a spunky chick who can't stand mediocrity who discovered her love of writing and decided to blog about life, love, food fashion and everything in between!! Welcome too my world!

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  1. Whooo awesome piece Jenn!!! Love love love the picks!! Soo much to wear this summer that I’m gonna burst!!!!

  2. Soooo much great stuff on this page…if I ever get a hold of a pair or those wedges, or that lavender polish its over! Lol…lovely post Jenn!!! 😉 p.s. I pray I learn how to color block before it’s out of season lmbo

  3. YAY!!!! Your so welcome Catra! Keep us posted!!! Smooches x’s 10!!

  4. Who will NOT be a fashion victim this season? ME!! Thanks to Ms. Jenn! You have done it again! I am FOREVER grateful to you for guiding me. I will send you photos of my look(s).Smooches. Thanks again, doll!

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