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Job 29:24

New Living Translation (NLT)

24 When they were discouraged, I smiled at them.
My look of approval was precious to them.

Today we focus on the Discouraging Tongue. Think about a time where someone discouraged you and maybe when you dampened someone’s hope, confidence or enthusiasm by objecting their proposed thoughts or actions.  Now its so easy for us to say, “don’t believe what people say about you” “you have to have confidence in yourself” “you have to love yourself” but let’s be honest…at some point a pat on the back or encouraging word always helps offer a boost of confidence and needed support. There are an untold number of people who have missed their destiny because of someone’s discouraging words. Would-be inventors who abandoned their ideas due to critical friends and family, teachers who have discouraged students who had mediocre grades and other short-comings, people who have held their heads down from being told they were unattractive or ugly, being called a loser, dummy, fat, too skinny, all of these things can hinder someone in growing. Why would you want to be the hindrance?

Can you listen to someone’s dreams and plans without making disheartening remarks? Even if you cannot envision the dreams of another, at least agree to stand in faith with him for God’s perfect will to be done regarding of the proposed endeavor. Think of  the people who encouraged you during your life…didn’t those words have a positive effect on you? In a world where people are bombarded by negative comments and images, everyone can use a little encouragement from time to time. I challenge you today to make a conscious, sincere effort to always speak words of affirmation, support and inspiration to those within your circle. If you once spoke something discouraging to someone, whether 1 hour ago, yesterday, or years ago…it’s never to late to offer a sincere apology and re-energize that person with actions of support, since your words failed you before 😉

For those of us that have on the receiving end of a discouraging word…DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED!! You are SMART, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, CREATIVE!!!! Keep you eyes fixed on God who specializes in the impossible! God who is also known as the Potter…who can shape and mold mud and clay into a beautiful work of art. Be selective of whom you share your dreams with; everyone cannot handle your goodness! Their lack of faith, initiative and even their envy, may very well be the reason you abort your plans…don’t miss your calling listening to those who never ordered your steps in the first place.

Love ya!!



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