“Write this.
Write what you see.
Write it out in big block letters
so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what’s coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!
And it doesn’t lie.
If it seems slow in coming, wait.
It’s on its way. It will come right on time.

{Habakkuk 2:2-3}

Have you ever thought about the power an author has when they sit down to write a book? They are in total control of their characters, their moods, the weather, where the story takes place and everything in between. As I spend the last hours in New Jersey, the home I’ve known for 27 years, I couldn’t help but think about Habakkuk 2:2-3. This is my opportunity to sit and write the next chapter of my life. I will be in full control of the characters I allow to be in my story, I will be in charge of the weather…my attitude…will I shine like the Son or will I resemble a hurricane in every situation? Every dream that I have, every creative thought- I will write it down, plainly and lift it up to God.

Why haven’t you decided to write? Why haven’t you decided to stop trying to finish a chapter of your life that was never meant to be started? Why are you reading chapters from other people’s lives and trying to make them your own? We are each given an opportunity to write a new chapter in our lives every, single day. Didn’t like Chapter 2 of your life? Make sure that Chapter 3 is better! We are told in Habakkuk to write the vision, make it plain and to be patient if it seems slow in its manifestation – “It’s on its way. It will come right on time.”

As we get ready to start the 8th month of the year tomorrow…keep in mind that the number 8 stands for new beginnings. Believe God for New ideas, New businesses, New resources, New connections, New living spaces, Re-newness of your hearts, minds and spirits!!!  I challenge you to start a new chapter of your life..become a writer!

Love Ya,



About What Would Jenn Say?!

I am a spunky chick who can't stand mediocrity who discovered her love of writing and decided to blog about life, love, food fashion and everything in between!! Welcome too my world!

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  1. Love this post, quite encouraging. I have been wanting to write the chapters of my life but has been blogging a page every now and then, but this post is quite encouraging.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts…that is encouraging to me!! I really want to take advantage of this moment in my life where I have an opportunity to write an entirely new story for myself. Now is your time…become a writer!!

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