On my ride to Georgia, on Tuesday I saw this billboard sign:


I started to think about this billboard and how symbolic it was (considering we were on a long stretch of road :))

This is a short entry, but I simply wanted to remind you that EVERY road that you travel in life will lead somewhere…even if it’s a dead end-it led you somewhere. You may not like the road you traveled, but it was a road to somewhere. It is the lessons, relationships, tears and smiles that you haD along the way that  are the most important part of the journey. These are the things you will need to carry as you journey down the road of life; the things that help shape you into the person you are today.

There is no such thing as a “ROAD TO NOWHERE”, for example, maybe you had a business idea that fell through; that’s okay, everything you learned during that process will prepare you to make better decisions for when you try again. Did you have a relationship that started out wonderfully and seem to hit a dead end? That’s okay too, everyone cannot travel with you for the entire journey. Some people are placed in your life at a certain time to “entertain” you on your “car ride”. You learn life lessons together, you learn more about yourself, you create memories (whether good or bad), make connections, eat snacks, etc.; God uses them to prepare you for the next stage in your life–but I’m pretty sure you know this already 😉

Try to get the lesson out of every road you travel, whether painful, tearful, inspirational, funny, educational, there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t miss out on what you are to take from something/someone because your too busy trying to read the directions. Allow God to travel the road with you and read the directions; that way you will never miss a turn.

Love Ya!



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  1. God bless this blog and it’s originator! “WWJS.” is blessing souls…;-).

  2. Thank you for allowing me use this to minister. I sure will make note of things they are struggling with. Many of them struggle daily just to make the right decisions.

  3. Love this blog. I work in a half-way house with men and women just out of prison. I was just having this same conversation with one of the women last night, who was struggling with where she is in her life right now. Would you care if I printed this off and gave it to her? I think it would be a big help. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE print this out and give it to her!! Use this blog anyway you can to motivate, inspire and bring souls closer to Christ! Please keep me updated with that young lady! Also if you notice a topic that the men and women are struggling with or if they have questions, feel free to email me or send me a note on facebook…I will address it!

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