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Mother’s day is right around the corner – have you decided on what you were going to treat the special lady in your life to? Being the loving, caring, proactive blogger that I am – I have listed a few ideas for you to ensure that your  unique gift arrives on time!

  1. SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE: ALL mom’s can use a day off and what better way to spend that time at the spa?! I love the website! You can purchase a gift card right from the website and have it shipped or emailed directly to your mother! They even showcase different destinations known especially for their spas and tranquil atmospheres.  
  2. BOUQUET OF FLOWERS : Contrary to what you may believe or what some women say, the majority of women love fresh flowers. Now I have some good news – they don’t always have to be roses! Go for something different, try carnations or tulips – the arrangements from are GORG &  super affordable! They even ship internationally!  
  3. AN EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT: There is nothing like a chocolate dipped gift! I love because they are super creative, affordable and or course…edible! Anything sweet AND healthy for you…count me (I mean mom ;)) in! The best part about an Edible Arrangement is you can choose to pick it up or have it delivered directly to your mom’s front door.  
  4. A SCENTSY WARMER SYSTEM : No Mother’s Day would be complete without her own Scentsy Warmer and favorite fragrance burning! With SOOO many warmers to choose from and over 80 scents, there is truly something for every mom! With warmers ranging from $20-35 and scents priced at $5.00 – Scentsy is easy on the pocket and awesome on your nose! Purchasing directly from under the party “I Love My Mom” will allow you to create your purchase as a gift which includes a card – you can also have the purchase shipped directly to your mother!  
  5. MARY KAY PRODUCTS: Can’t take mom to the spa? Then let the spa come to mom! With everything from facial cleansers, to make-up and perfume there is something for every budget and every mom! Place your order  with me by the end of this week (4.28.12) and I’ll include a free gift bag and Mary Kay samples with your purchase! Just visit and place your order TODAY!
  6. DONATE TO A CHARITY OR NON-PROFIT IN YOUR MOM’S NAME: Does your mom have a passion for children, or animals or going green? If you visit, you can choose any charity listed that best represents your mom and donate in her name! It’s different from the traditional but will leave her imprint for many years to come!

I hope a few of these options help you decided just what you are going to do for Mother’s Day! Let me know what you decide to do! Comment below if you have any other suggestions, comments or questions!!

Love Ya!




April Showers are going to bring May flowers and that means warmer weather, graduations and weddings! Being the loving person that I am,  😉 I wanted to ensure you were fashionably ready for any and every event you have coming up! Check out some of my favorite Spring trends for this season and remember…everyday should be your runway!


Orange is one of my favorite colors. It looks incredible against every shade of skin and with the numerous variations of orange and tangerine  that will be offered – there will truly be something for everyone!



Now this one can be a bit tricky, but when done correctly it will look amazing and definitely scream “fashion statement”!  Whether you decide to do a full outfit in a bold print or one bold piece such as a jacket, shoe or pant, this look can work for anyone! My best advice to you is to know your limit – pick what works for you and stick with it!



Now when I saw these I thought they were absolutely adorable! Now you may be asking yourself…what is an anorak? Is this a glorified rain coat? NO! The Anorak shows up for spring as an awesome light weight addition to your wardrobe. It can be paired with jeans, a short dress or skirt or even left open and paired with a cute pair of shorts. Take a look at these chic and sporty jackets that will jazz up any look you are going for!



I have LOVED the color blocking trend from day one! This trend offers an opportunity to have fun with our closets  while playing around with different colors and patterns.

AND may I add…color blocking is not just for my slimmer framed friends! Take a look at these curvy divas working the color blocking trend!



So maybe the super bold, mix-match look isn’t your style. No worries…I have good news for you, pastels are in and one of spring’s fabulous trends. Spring’s sweet sorbet shades and pastel hues give off a low-key, ladylike vibe that will sure to please any conservative palette.

Well friends, I think you are SUPER ready to hit your runway! Send me your fabulous pictures of you rocking these awesome spring trends and you could be featured as my fashionable fan of the week! I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
Love Ya!


You know how extremely bored you are on Mondays? Your always looking for something fun and FREE to do in NYC? What if I told you I had the perfect event for you…check out the flyer below and I hope to see you there!!!


Say her name and you instantly sense diva, fashionista; a name that will permeate the country and overseas before you know it! I came across Tiffany B. Chanel merely by chance and was floored by her talent and creativity. As we continue to Excel in 2011, I introduce to you a young lady who is doing just that–excelling! You will never forget her so, get motivated and step out on faith!



Tiffany B Chanel is a female of every age that cares less to follow trends, but loves to stand out and make a statement without saying a single word. She is a female with high confidence, dressing in a form of self expression in order to feel good within as well as out.

On the other hand Tiffany B Chanel the artist, is a 23 year old African American women from Bedford Stuyvesant. Graduated from Seton Hall University with a major in Social & Behavioral Sciences and a minor in Business and in Sociology. She is a self taught artist who builds her creativity off of the visions she mentally sees in her mind and makes them come to life. 

I am a lover of God, full time jewelry designer and business owner.


It actually came upon me randomly 7 months ago! Before jewelry I use to sew, I was actually known for making tutu’s! Around my house I had everything you could think of; from feathers, studs, spikes, crystals, paint, spray paint, and all types of fabrics. One day I sat down and played with the studs and feathers on satin, and minutes later I had “The studded strip” earring.  Which is now made out of vinyl, studs, and feathers. I would never really know what was going through my mind that lead me to creating it, all I know is that I had a vision mentally and it had to be done. When I started exposing myself to more fabrics, trimmings, I realized that I would be able to look at the color, texture, or shape and already see the finished product in my mind! It was weird to me how easy it felt, but I knew I loved to create.


To be honest I ask myself this question everyday and I really have not been able to answer it yet! I am self taught, which makes me realize that the creativity that is within me has come upon me as a gift, which I am called to share with others. My parents are overly creative as well, but we were all created by one Creator. So I may not know fully what my inspiration is or where it comes from, but I do know I have been blessed with a talent. I know this because I do not draw nor do I premeditate what I plan to create. I simply see visions in my mind by looking at certain materials or I see visions in my sleep and know… I have to create this. Since my creativity comes so natural I know it should not be wasted so I am inspired by the people who love my work to keep moving forward and to see how far I can go.


Two people that inspire me are Keith Haring and Alexander McQueen. I love Keith Haring’s work because he did something so simple and made it meaningful and big. If you ask me I think he’s a genius! Even though he is not alive anymore his work still lives on and is appreciated by many. Alexander McQueen on the other hand was a creative genius. When I would watch his shows from fashion week I would be speechless. His work on the runway would go so far out of the box with no limits to creativity. Even though many things from the runway wouldn’t be practical for regular wear, he made a point to show you that he could take it far and was very capable of going even further to pull people out of their comfort zones in a fashionable way.

In terms of role models I meet a lot of older people who see what I am doing and give me guidance and tell me not to stop. I look up to these people who have been in my shoes and tell me their mistakes so that I wont make the same ones as they did. I also look up to the ones that have achieved so much and they tell me all about the struggle and how to keep moving forward through it all. They offer such wisdom!


I’ll give you both 😉

Motto – “Don’t talk about it, just do it” – Nancy Baldwin (my mother)

Whenever I wanted to do something or had an idea my mom would tell me,” stop talking to me about and just do it!” Anybody could say what they want to do or what there capable of doing but all that means nothing if there’s nothing to show for those words. So now I choose to talk through my work!

Scripture – Matthew 6:31-32 So never be anxious and say, ‘What are we to eat?’ or, ‘What are we to drink?’ or, ‘What are we to put on?’ 32 For all these are the things the nations are eagerly pursuing. For YOUR heavenly Father knows YOU need all these things.

This scripture reminds me that as long as I stay good within God’s will He will take care of me. Through the struggles of running a business alone the greatest thing is finding your passion and a purpose in life. Once you find that you don’t need much to make you happy, because everything will fall into its rightful place.


It’s really hard to say, I never thought I would be where I am in 7 months but I am here! Everything has been moving rapidly fast for me so the only thing I can say is I hope I can keep up and be bigger and better in 5 years. I would like for my brand to be known in many different countries. In 5 years I would like for my brand to be carried in well known boutiques and stores.

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Visit my site at :

My Facebook fan page :!/profile.php?id=62206377

Feel free to contact me personally at


Thank you so much Tiffany!!!!! God Bless you in everything that you do!!! I am looking forward to seeing all that God has planned for you!

Now don’t just read about her and smile ;)…pass this along to your friends, order from her! Let’s support Tiffany!!! If you can’t purchase from her then keep her and her business covered in prayer, share her website with friends and family or use her story to propel yourself to the next level of your dream!


Love Ya!






Mary emailed W.W.J.S. seeking some advice…check out the email below:

I am hosting my very first SURPRISE birthday dinner. Maggiano’s Little Italy is the location. You KNOW alll about that place(wink). Anywho, I was thinking jeans, a colorful top, jacket and heels. Or maybe a dress. I’m so confused. I want to look classy/chic. But not like I’m trying to be EXTRA. How YOU doin’? Please help me!!!

Well Mary, I have pulled together some looks for you that I think would be great for this occasion! Take a look and let me know what you think!

The first 2 dresses that I liked comes to us from one of my favorite stores…The Limited!! The dresses are cotton so they don’t
offer an “over-done” look and the color will look great against your skin tone and the gathered material offers extra security to get your eat on!
Since the dresses are solid, I would throw a pop of color in my shoes and accessories.
The next store you will find me in is Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. See the looks below:
I love this dress for the colors and the shape. It has such a 50’s vibe to it. I would also pair a cardigan with it, just in case you get a little chilly. Now of course, I’m sure your asking, “Cardigan in June?” I found the perfect one…

With this cardigan I would leave it open and where it that way.

Have you ever heard Wendy Williams say, “friend in my head?” Well Victoria Beckham is totally my friend in my head! If you decide to do jeans and a pump I think she is a great example of how chic, fashionable and sharp this look can be. All you need to do is grab an eye-catching clutch, roll up the sleeves, add a bangle or two or layered necklace to spice it up a bit! If you really want to be daring grab a white, colored or patterned blazer for a surprising twist to a classic look.
Not sure how you feel about this look but I thought it was adorable! With a red pump and bold red lip this can really make a statement!!
These are great blazers from Nordstrom if you didn’t want to go with your traditional black blazer:
And tell me…WHO doesn’t love a spicy red pump; compliments of Betsy Johnson via Nordstrom!!! Add a ripped jean or even a cut off short (pedal pusher) and this look is screaming DIVA!
Because I love it so and something needed to be with the Peach Jacket lol (just a thought 🙂 )
One of the hottest trends on the runway right now is Color Blocking. For those of you who have no clue as to what I’m referring to…fear not see the pics below!!
The key to this look is…YOU CAN NOT BE AFRAID OF COLOR OR MIXING THEM! Have fun!!!

I thought this dress by Marc Jacobs was absolutely AMAZING! A little on the pricey side at $158 BUT you know the quality will be there and this dress will definitely last you a long time! Paired with a bright cardigan or jean jacket, this is great for the spring/summer. When the fall rolls around throw on a pair of tights and awesome knee boots and you have taken this look into another season!

I thought the black, grey and red dress was awesome as well! Paired with an amazing, bright colored pump and accessories, you’ll be color blocking in no time!

Another option is to choose a Color Block Shoe and wear something solid!
All of these items paired together offer a statement without going over the top! Add an amazing pump or even a fun flat and your all set!
Last but  certainly not least…you can’t forget an incredible mani!!!

JUST KIDDING!!!! Let’s try this again lol!
Mary not only will you be set for your surprise dinner but you will be set up for the summer! 😉
Have a question or need advice?! Email today!!!!
Love Ya!

theBREAX & DJ Wade-O : Passion Art (Yap Yap)

W.W.J.S. will soon feature this group in an upcoming blog, but why not give you a taste of what’s to come?! Listen to what real music sounds like and be sure not to miss the familiar face in the video!! 🙂

FFFWeek™ Fashion Front Spotlight: "2011 Plus Designer of the Year, The Monif C. Summer Collection" (via The Bella Style's Blog)

Came across this blog post from another fellow blogger and I had to share! Lovin the new line!

FFFWeek™ Fashion Front Spotlight: "2011 Plus Designer of the Year, The Monif C. Summer Collection" I was just on Monif C.'s website searching for an item for a client when I noticed her new collection had dropped. I believe these items are only available for pre-order now but Monif C. is doing it up again. The whole collection is right on trend and I'm feeling a 70's vibe all the way with the jumpsuits, sequins and puff sleeves. I see why Monif C. has won the 2011 Full Figured Fashion Week™  "Plus Designer of the Year Award". Congrats to her!! … Read More

via The Bella Style's Blog

Spring 2011’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends Fashion:

Spring 2011’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends Fashion:

It might be a little cloudy outside but…SPRING IS HERE!!!! Is your closet ready? Remember…the street is your catwalk!

Take a look and see what Glamour Magazine has to say about Spring 2011’s most wearable fashion trends!