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So my road trip to the south officially started on June 3rd. First stop…Mississippi! (pics coming soon;))As we headed down the road I started thinking…well you have no choice but to think lol! Sometimes it’s the best time to think to yourself. I started to ponder how everyone has a story; may seem different but we all have one. Everyone had a destination that they so desperately wanted to reach. They all had a reason for hopping on their cars and 18 wheelers at 1am to try to get somewhere. While some drove faster than others and seemed to always be progressing, some had to make continuous stops for potty breaks and food, others were forced to stop to fill-up on gas, some grew weary of the trip and had to pull over and rest, while some lost sleep and decided to do it all in a day.
I couldn’t help but relate this to life. We all leave our homes at different times with a destination in mind. Some have directions while others just sort of “wing it”. We never know when were going to pull over whether by choice or because we must “fill-up” on energy, some choose to take the ride with a partner others choose to go alone; but we all have the same goal and that is to make it to where we want to go and nothing is going to stop us.
We reached VA around 4 am and I was delighted to see HUGE illuminated crosses along the sides of the road. When I say HUGE…I mean HUGE LOL! There were crosses on hills, on top of fields, within trees…they would pop up every now and then. It was such an awesome reminder that no matter where you were, whether near or far from your destination, whether you stopped for gas or a potty break, no matter how late it was at night or early in the morning…Jesus is traveling with you.