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Word of the Day

The time has come for you, My beloved one, to make some choices and let go of things that are lawful but not profitable (1 Corn. 6:12). There is a time and season for everything. A new season is here and you cannot hold on to those things any longer. They are not sin in and of their selves. It is the effect they have on your life I am concerned about. I know the plans I have for you and I also know the plans the enemy has.

The enemy uses every opportunity he can. He roars like a lion to intimidate you and will turn everything into an open door if allowed. Make no room for him. Close every door. Confess every sin and break agreement with every impure and unprofitable word spoken by you or over you.

I am never taken unawares. Everything is visible and exposed before Me—the past, the present and the future. In the days to come I will be showing you many things that you need to let go of. Don’t be afraid or unwilling. All negatives are manifest in order to remove their power over your life. Just know that Holy Spirit will teach you and guide you into all truth with love (John 16:13).

Others may see the things I show you to let go of as insignificant and petty to rid one’s self of, but for you they are keys to the future. This process will not be hard or worrisome, but liberating in every way. Each and every thing you discard will be replaced with heavenly gifts and perspectives. You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).

Your burdens will be light and there will be more room in your life for My purposes. Letting go makes room for more of Me. Be filled with anticipation and excitement at any prospect to lighten your load and embrace Me…

“Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you” (Romans 12:2 Message Bible)


Lord, help me to recognize the times and seasons of my life and how they relate to Your purpose for me. I am willing to let go and if there are any places I might have a tendency to cling to, I embrace Your supernatural strength and will be obedient. I will not listen to the roars of the enemy who only sounds like a lion. You are the Lion of Judah, having all power and authority over the devil and all his schemes and wiles.

Nothing the devil ever does surprises You and You are ever-present to lead me in the way I should go. You direct my steps and make a way where there is no way. I am safe in You and choose to trust Your leading and guiding. Help me not to look at others and choose what is profitable or unprofitable for me based on what they have liberty to do. I let go and make more room for You in My life and heart. I anticipate great things in the days to come. Amen

Reflect and Journal

  1. Take some time and reflect on this being a new time and season in your life.
  2. Are there things the Lord has been speaking to you about letting go of? They might not necessarily be the so called “biggies.” They could be simple things you give too much time to and interfere with your time with Him. Reflect and respond.
  3. Have you ever justified something you do or think by what someone else does? Jesus is the standard and plumb line. Take a serious look and ask Holy Spirit to reveal as He wishes, not as you wish. Take appropriate steps to put down and pick up only what He tells you to.
  4. What are some unprofitable areas in your life? Take some time to list these as Holy Spirit reveals them to you.


So I pretty much lived in Shop Rite this past week; the one in Clark, Hillside, Linden…picking up dinner, items for my BBQ – you could definitely find me in one of the aisles this past week LOL! Now everyone who knows me knows I CANNOT STAND SHOP RITE…but…they are going through renovations!! Who doesn’t like new stuff!? Renovations can make the same snack aisle look like a brand new aisle! For some reason the pretzels bags look happier…the fruit looks brighter…LOL! You get my drift!

As I walked around in awe, I couldn’t help but overhear complaints. “Why are they doing this?! I can’t find anything!” “Why does it look like this, I’m not used to MY Shoprite looking like this!” (all of a sudden we own the ShopRite :)) Of course my brain started to turn…

The ShopRite in my hometown of Hillside has been EXACTLY the same for as long as I’ve lived there…that’s a total of 26 years! It NEVER changed. I knew exactly where to go when I needed something; my father could grocery shop for a week in less than 30 minutes with his eyes closed because he  knew where everything was!!

We all know that change has to occur, but for some reason some of us find it hard to adapt to change. But things have to change, people have to grow, business have to expand, nothing can stay the same and expect to have substantial growth. I was told this weekend that problems cannot be solved on the same level they were created. The same goes with business, people, marriages, relationships/friendships, your work level…if you expect growth you have to rise above what your looking at and expand your vision. What you did 5 years ago will not work 5 years later, people and things grow, the needs and demand become different. Everyone is not going to like the new changes, but they have a choice; they can “shop” with you or go somewhere else. Notice I said they have a choice to make…not you. Never stop your renovations because people don’t “like” the changes. They’ll get over it lol!

What people fail to realize is it’s not the beginning or the end that’s important…it’s the process in between that leads to the end, whether good or bad, that holds the greatest value; it’s where the lesson is stored.  Everything  you learn in the middle, the process, is preparing you for your next level. But if you refuse to be renovated from your beginning, you will never reach your end (your purpose/future).

Imagine telling God…”ummm…yea…hey God! Listen, I really like what your doing for me and all, expanding my territory, sending enormous favor and blessings my way, opening doors, really it’s great–but uh…it’s too much for me. I’m not ready for all these changes u know?! Yes, yes I know they are better for me, but I’m not really willing to work for greatness. I’m not tryin to do to much… I would rather just stay where I am because I’m comfortable here. It’s easier, I know where everything is, everyone is happy, I’m happy– so why should we ruffle any feathers u know?!” Besides ignoring you…God would laugh LOL! You would sound silly! Who wants to say that? Who doesn’t want to be challenged and moved to another level in their life?! Since your steps are already ordered, you know that wherever God leads will be incredible! God wants to renovate you, He wants you to expand, grow, be renewed. The investment He places in you to assist with your renovation, He’s not concerned… you and He are guaranteed to receive a HUGE return! You will never be the same. People won’t even remember what you looked like prior to your renovation!

So…when was the last time you were renovated?

Love Ya!