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Like my lil’ Jersey twist on that don’t you?! 😉

We all remember hearing that saying at some point in our lives; in fact, many of us still use the phrase…”Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”. It suggest that your were taking away from one person or thing and giving to another. This phrase did not always refer to money and finances, it also referred to time, your commitments and dedication versus one area of your life to another. “Peter and Paul” is something we ALL have, it varies among us. If you spend more time in the office, you are lacking at home. If you spend more time with one child, you are neglecting the other. If you choose to pay one bill, the other bill will fall behind. I you choose to spend more time with one group of friends, you neglect another.

I want to talk about Peter. Just think about it. We are always given warnings, we have conversations, we devise plans on how to ensure Peter becomes a priority; but it never occurs. We lock ourselves in the habit of robbing one to pay another. No one ever worries about “Peter” until its too late. When the bill collector begins calling, were reminded of “Peter”, when one of our children becomes rebellious, were reminded they were a “Peter”. When our homes are falling apart and are no longer homes, but houses, we are reminded of “Peter”. “Peter” serves as a reminder of what we can’t do. He is a reminder of where we lack, areas where we don’t feel successful or where we feel like “all is lost”. It could be the bill that’s just way to high, the child who has been arrested way too many times, the husband or wife who sees no purpose at home or the parents who can’t see anything positive in their child. In turn, we throw ourselves into “Paul” – the bill that is almost paid off, the child who is an honor student, the job where we receive recognition versus criticism, the young lady or man that gives wanted attention. We take what little we have invested in our “Peters” and give it all to our  “Pauls”.

As humans, we are always going to feel our lives pulled in multiple directions. Let’s face it, we all wear different “faces”. We are moms, dads, daughters, sons, co-workers, wives, husbands, business owners, neighbors, etc. But, life is all about balance. You cannot live a healthy, effective life without it. Prioritizing where we choose to devote and commit our time and money should be seen as investment deposits into our future, not as a burdening task.

One fact will still remain…Peter needs to be paid. Whether you decide to do it now or later, nothing comes without a price. The question you must ask yourself is: Whatever your robbing Peter of is it worth the cost of Paul?

Love Ya!