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This statement made by our President today, like this unspeakable tragedy hits home for all of us. By now many of us around the country and the world are appalled at the news of this story and the lack of action that has been taken in Florida. If you do not know Trayvon’s story you can click here.

Join me in supporting JP Designs Art as they memorialize Trayvon’s life. Let us all get the word out that Trayvon represents so many of us, our children and those to come. As a country, whether you are black, white, yellow, orange or green, we should not stand by and allow Zimmerman to walk the streets without justice being served. It is time for us to stand together and demand action be taken. It could have very easily been your son or grandson or brother or nephew or cousin walking home from the store that evening.

If you have not signed the petition to see Zimmerman arrested  for the murder of 17-year old Trayvon, please click the link here —>SEE JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON!

To purchase your Trayvon memorial apparel, please visit today. The design is available  in an array of colors and sizes in Men’s and Women’s tees and of course Hoodies.

Let us continue to lift the friends and family of Trayvon up in prayer. Let us also pray for those traveling to Florida and holding vigils and protest around the country.




****A portion of all T-Shirt and Hoodie sales purchased from will be given to the Martin Family.****