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You Have The Key…

Just recently I asked a friend, “What’s wrong?” I could tell she hadn’t been her same, bubbly self in days. Her response, “It’s everything. I’m not happy anymore….I wake up depressed just about everyday.”  I immediately started thinking about what she had just said to me.  I couldn’t understand how a person who I saw so full of life could feel so empty. When I see her I see everything she can’t; I see a smart, beautiful, funny and loyal friend. If she saw what I saw would she be feeling the same way? Would she allow people and valueless things to place her in such bondage? That’s when I realized there are so many people walking around living but dead on the inside; feeling hopeless, unsure and unmotivated about life.  They move through life as if it were a routine, something they “have” to do not realizing that just opening their eyes this morning was a precious gift given to them by the One who created the universe and who decided to give them another day to make it better than yesterday. It doesn’t take much for them to become depressed; the simplest thing can send them in a down-ward spiral of sadness and anger.  Now its time to be real with ourselves… are you being held captive by something or….someone? You may not be held by anything as serious or large as depression but are you trying to kick the ciggie habit, still dealing with that man/woman you know you need to release back into the wild =-), self-esteem issues, still holding onto anger from something that happened 10 years ago? These are all just a fraction of things that can place us in a place of captivity; so I ask the question to those of us that live a life of bondage in some area of our lives… WHY? Why are we making the decision to live a life bound to things and people who have already been defeated?

In 1974, an album named “On the Border” by the Eagles was released and it had a song entitled “Already Gone”. In this song there was a lyric that stood out to me that is so in tune with what many of us face today. (and no I’m not dating myself, I didn’t have the album lol)! The lyric simply said ,”So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never know we have the key.” So let me be the one to tell you… YOU HAVE THE KEY!  You have chosen to live a life of sadness and now it’s time to choose to live a fulfilling and abundant life as Jesus wants you to have!

Now put your creative caps on…the key represents so much more than your thinking. It represents the strength and endurance that you have inside of you that you have yet to tap into. It represents all the love that surrounds you that will pull you out of bondage if you allow. It represents the intelligence you possess to strategically gain a new plan and outlook on life to change your situation. Most importantly, it represents the power that is at your fingertips to get up and make a substantial metamorphosis! The beauty of God’s grace is He renews us every single day! You don’t have to be the depressed, sad person you were yesterday! You were given a new day…get rid of the old people and things that are keeping you in such a dark place. Today and everyday is a blank canvas for you to create beautiful artwork better known as your life. If the day before didnt go as planned OH WELL! Learn from it, don’t do it again, keep someone else from making your same mistake and move on! You have WAY too much work to do, too many dreams to bring to life and too many lives to touch to dwell on your own mistakes and failures. Trust me there is someone dwelling on your mistakes for you…you don’t need to help them lol! Instead remember success is the best form of revenge, but you can’t be successful dwelling on your past and keeping people and things in your life that are acting like road blocks instead of pathways into your future.

You have NO reason to be depressed. If you don’t believe me look inside and around you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. He created you and He NEVER makes a mistake or creates junk. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living inside of you!  You woke up this morning; someone didn’t. You are healthy; someone is in a hospital right now fighting for their life, wanting a second chance. You are in your right mind; someone at this very moment is in a mental hospital in a white padded room. You are in your IKEA styled room in front of a computer/laptop reading a blog, sipping on hot cocoa; there is someone right now sleeping on a city street not sure where their next meal is coming from.  It could very well be you, but it’s not and that alone is enough to be grateful for.

All I’m asking you to do is realize how important and significant your life is. Understand your value and how fortunate you are. If you meditate on this everyday you will swing your legs across the bed and start each day humbled and grateful for the opportunity to make your life better today than it was yesterday. Don’t get so caught up in the things that don’t matter. Not where you want to be just yet? That’s ok…in due time all things will fall into place. You must be patient, and while you are waiting prepare for what it is you want. If you want to go to school, start buying your notebooks and pens. If you want to tap into a new career, start talking to people who are where you want to be. Start getting around focused, like-minded, motivating  people. Allow them to pour into your life and stop listening to dream snatchers. Instead of dwelling on what isn’t working for you, start envisioning where you want to be and make it happen. The only person keeping your dreams and aspirations from coming true is you. Remember…YOU HAVE THE KEY…USE IT!



Today and everyday EXCEL in all you do! LOVE harder than you normally would! EXPLORE new things!