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Ahhh…the infamous Indiscreet Tongue! Some things are meant to be addressed privately… I’m sure we all know someone who needs to learn a little discretion!  I can think of someone…


Let’s define indiscreet:

not discreet; imprudent or tactless

Adjectives for indiscreet include:

tactless, foolish, rash, reckless, unwise, hasty, ill-advised, unthinking, ill-judged, ill-considered, imprudent, heedless, injudicious, incautious, undiplomatic <—those are horrible adjectives!!

One who is discreet shows prudence and wise self-restraint in speech and behavior; they will always reap a positive consequence.

Indiscretion can be costly. Some matters should simply be off limits for discussion. Have you ever found out something about a leader or prominent person and could not refrain from telling someone? Have you ever thought that if God trusted you enough to reveal someone’s nakedness and sin, that He expected you to cover them with discretion and intercession and not expose them? Bringing about a public revelation is not always necessary; it can cause irreparable damage, to the person as well as the body of Christ. That person’s punishment is God’s business, not yours.

No one is perfect and no one has 20-20 vision on themselves. Remember that! God may someday show someone your nakedness. Pray that it will be handled with wisdom and discretion…plant the seed of discretion now.


“My discretion will protect me and understanding will guard me.”


Love Ya,