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Oh yes…the presale to our yard sale begins TODAY!!!! Everything MUST GO!!! If your interested in any of these items or need more detail about our fabulous yard sale on 7/16-7/17 send me an email at!!!! HAPPY BUYING!!!


I ve got 3 sets of these at $10 a piece….. Nice wire baskets drawers, great for storage!!!!

Black Desk w/ Red Legs $40……Black Leather Desk Chair $40…RED CARPET $40. Or this whole set could be yours for $110 (computer and printer not included)


$250– Genuine Leather Couch!!


The GLASS desk is SOLD!!!—> WHITE DESK w/ chair and lamp $50. FLEXIBLE BOOK CASE $20……NAVY RUG $40…. WHITE CUBES make great end tables (located to the left and right of the glass desk) $10 each


Full-size Bed (metal frame, box spring and mattress) $250


Plexi cubes, great for stack. I have 10 of them. $4 each!!!




Your probably thinking…what a horrible, ridiculous question to ask; but realize there are some selling themselves cheaper than the shoes that are on your feet.

There are so many ways people sell themselves short. They are miserable in relationships, marriages, jobs, in church, in their day to day activities, with family, friends, themselves, everyone and everything! No, its not depression, its simply selling themselves short. Knowing they are destined for more but settling for what is presented. Wanting more, but too afraid to take what belongs to them, not sure they want to ruffle feathers, or they find comfort exactly where they are.

So, what are you going for these days?

Can you be bought with a cheap compliment or bouquet of flowers? A lobster dinner? How about a 6 figure salary and an office with a window? A ride in a Range Rover? A big house? An I love you with no action backing it up; you just want the feeling of believing your loved? Are you selling your self for the title of friend, but you never reap the benefits of a healthy friendship? Do you do things to seek  approval from others? Are you selling your emotional and physical needs in exchange for abuse and neglect? People sell their emotions, spirits, mental and physical beings short to ensure the happiness of others  and a temporary, pseudo injection of a feeling of self-love and encouragement. While they are praying for others and encouraging everyone around them, they are wondering who is interceding for them?

There’s a saying that we have all heard , “I can do bad by myself”. If you are not better after you “gain” someone or something in your life, then I suggest you let it or them go. Everything that you do should build you up, and not tear you down. Now… nothing comes without trials, any great thing requires work and work sometimes calls for you to fight for somethings. But if you are being broken down, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually…it’s not worth more than you.

You have to want more for yourself. You have to know that you deserve way more than what’s being presented. You have to come to a place where  people’s excuses for their shortcomings will no longer be acceptable to you. You are PRICELESS…that means your value is so high, it cannot be written on a sticker and placed on your chest. So if YOU decided to allow someone in your glass case (when people want to protect things but allow people to glance at greatness they put it in a glass case ;))…they need to raise your value…not decrease it! Nothing is worth losing who you are, your morals, your joy, your peace, your confidence or your well being…NOTHING!

If you are not being treated with the love and respect you deserve, check your “PRICE TAG”. Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It’s YOU who communicates to people what you’re worth by what you accept. Get off the “CLEARANCE RACK” and get behind the glass case where they keep the “VALUABLES”. Bottom line, VALUE YOURSELF MORE. -Sherri-Lynn Moose


Have a fantastic, beautiful weekend!!!

Love Ya…and I mean it!! 🙂