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Mother’s day is right around the corner – have you decided on what you were going to treat the special lady in your life to? Being the loving, caring, proactive blogger that I am – I have listed a few ideas for you to ensure that your  unique gift arrives on time!

  1. SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE: ALL mom’s can use a day off and what better way to spend that time at the spa?! I love the website! You can purchase a gift card right from the website and have it shipped or emailed directly to your mother! They even showcase different destinations known especially for their spas and tranquil atmospheres.  
  2. BOUQUET OF FLOWERS : Contrary to what you may believe or what some women say, the majority of women love fresh flowers. Now I have some good news – they don’t always have to be roses! Go for something different, try carnations or tulips – the arrangements from are GORG &  super affordable! They even ship internationally!  
  3. AN EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT: There is nothing like a chocolate dipped gift! I love because they are super creative, affordable and or course…edible! Anything sweet AND healthy for you…count me (I mean mom ;)) in! The best part about an Edible Arrangement is you can choose to pick it up or have it delivered directly to your mom’s front door.  
  4. A SCENTSY WARMER SYSTEM : No Mother’s Day would be complete without her own Scentsy Warmer and favorite fragrance burning! With SOOO many warmers to choose from and over 80 scents, there is truly something for every mom! With warmers ranging from $20-35 and scents priced at $5.00 – Scentsy is easy on the pocket and awesome on your nose! Purchasing directly from under the party “I Love My Mom” will allow you to create your purchase as a gift which includes a card – you can also have the purchase shipped directly to your mother!  
  5. MARY KAY PRODUCTS: Can’t take mom to the spa? Then let the spa come to mom! With everything from facial cleansers, to make-up and perfume there is something for every budget and every mom! Place your order  with me by the end of this week (4.28.12) and I’ll include a free gift bag and Mary Kay samples with your purchase! Just visit and place your order TODAY!
  6. DONATE TO A CHARITY OR NON-PROFIT IN YOUR MOM’S NAME: Does your mom have a passion for children, or animals or going green? If you visit, you can choose any charity listed that best represents your mom and donate in her name! It’s different from the traditional but will leave her imprint for many years to come!

I hope a few of these options help you decided just what you are going to do for Mother’s Day! Let me know what you decide to do! Comment below if you have any other suggestions, comments or questions!!

Love Ya!




April Showers are going to bring May flowers and that means warmer weather, graduations and weddings! Being the loving person that I am,  😉 I wanted to ensure you were fashionably ready for any and every event you have coming up! Check out some of my favorite Spring trends for this season and remember…everyday should be your runway!


Orange is one of my favorite colors. It looks incredible against every shade of skin and with the numerous variations of orange and tangerine  that will be offered – there will truly be something for everyone!



Now this one can be a bit tricky, but when done correctly it will look amazing and definitely scream “fashion statement”!  Whether you decide to do a full outfit in a bold print or one bold piece such as a jacket, shoe or pant, this look can work for anyone! My best advice to you is to know your limit – pick what works for you and stick with it!



Now when I saw these I thought they were absolutely adorable! Now you may be asking yourself…what is an anorak? Is this a glorified rain coat? NO! The Anorak shows up for spring as an awesome light weight addition to your wardrobe. It can be paired with jeans, a short dress or skirt or even left open and paired with a cute pair of shorts. Take a look at these chic and sporty jackets that will jazz up any look you are going for!



I have LOVED the color blocking trend from day one! This trend offers an opportunity to have fun with our closets  while playing around with different colors and patterns.

AND may I add…color blocking is not just for my slimmer framed friends! Take a look at these curvy divas working the color blocking trend!



So maybe the super bold, mix-match look isn’t your style. No worries…I have good news for you, pastels are in and one of spring’s fabulous trends. Spring’s sweet sorbet shades and pastel hues give off a low-key, ladylike vibe that will sure to please any conservative palette.

Well friends, I think you are SUPER ready to hit your runway! Send me your fabulous pictures of you rocking these awesome spring trends and you could be featured as my fashionable fan of the week! I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
Love Ya!


Today is Warmer Wednesday!! Take a look at my picks for today’s Warmers!!


Damsel Warmer: Turn Damsel on and watch the majestic, bright green dragonflies come to life.


Daphne Warmer: Aquatic blossoms float among the lily pads, taking you outdoors to a tranquil country pond.


Claremont : Elegant simplicity at its finest. Claremont features a stamped flourish on an understated sandstone finish, punctuated by two ring handles.

Interested in these or other Scentsy products? Visit my website 24/7 and shop today!

Happy Shopping!