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Mother’s day is right around the corner – have you decided on what you were going to treat the special lady in your life to? Being the loving, caring, proactive blogger that I am – I have listed a few ideas for you to ensure that your  unique gift arrives on time!

  1. SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE: ALL mom’s can use a day off and what better way to spend that time at the spa?! I love the website! You can purchase a gift card right from the website and have it shipped or emailed directly to your mother! They even showcase different destinations known especially for their spas and tranquil atmospheres.  
  2. BOUQUET OF FLOWERS : Contrary to what you may believe or what some women say, the majority of women love fresh flowers. Now I have some good news – they don’t always have to be roses! Go for something different, try carnations or tulips – the arrangements from are GORG &  super affordable! They even ship internationally!  
  3. AN EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT: There is nothing like a chocolate dipped gift! I love because they are super creative, affordable and or course…edible! Anything sweet AND healthy for you…count me (I mean mom ;)) in! The best part about an Edible Arrangement is you can choose to pick it up or have it delivered directly to your mom’s front door.  
  4. A SCENTSY WARMER SYSTEM : No Mother’s Day would be complete without her own Scentsy Warmer and favorite fragrance burning! With SOOO many warmers to choose from and over 80 scents, there is truly something for every mom! With warmers ranging from $20-35 and scents priced at $5.00 – Scentsy is easy on the pocket and awesome on your nose! Purchasing directly from under the party “I Love My Mom” will allow you to create your purchase as a gift which includes a card – you can also have the purchase shipped directly to your mother!  
  5. MARY KAY PRODUCTS: Can’t take mom to the spa? Then let the spa come to mom! With everything from facial cleansers, to make-up and perfume there is something for every budget and every mom! Place your order  with me by the end of this week (4.28.12) and I’ll include a free gift bag and Mary Kay samples with your purchase! Just visit and place your order TODAY!
  6. DONATE TO A CHARITY OR NON-PROFIT IN YOUR MOM’S NAME: Does your mom have a passion for children, or animals or going green? If you visit, you can choose any charity listed that best represents your mom and donate in her name! It’s different from the traditional but will leave her imprint for many years to come!

I hope a few of these options help you decided just what you are going to do for Mother’s Day! Let me know what you decide to do! Comment below if you have any other suggestions, comments or questions!!

Love Ya!




On my ride to Georgia, on Tuesday I saw this billboard sign:


I started to think about this billboard and how symbolic it was (considering we were on a long stretch of road :))

This is a short entry, but I simply wanted to remind you that EVERY road that you travel in life will lead somewhere…even if it’s a dead end-it led you somewhere. You may not like the road you traveled, but it was a road to somewhere. It is the lessons, relationships, tears and smiles that you haD along the way that  are the most important part of the journey. These are the things you will need to carry as you journey down the road of life; the things that help shape you into the person you are today.

There is no such thing as a “ROAD TO NOWHERE”, for example, maybe you had a business idea that fell through; that’s okay, everything you learned during that process will prepare you to make better decisions for when you try again. Did you have a relationship that started out wonderfully and seem to hit a dead end? That’s okay too, everyone cannot travel with you for the entire journey. Some people are placed in your life at a certain time to “entertain” you on your “car ride”. You learn life lessons together, you learn more about yourself, you create memories (whether good or bad), make connections, eat snacks, etc.; God uses them to prepare you for the next stage in your life–but I’m pretty sure you know this already 😉

Try to get the lesson out of every road you travel, whether painful, tearful, inspirational, funny, educational, there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t miss out on what you are to take from something/someone because your too busy trying to read the directions. Allow God to travel the road with you and read the directions; that way you will never miss a turn.

Love Ya!




So my road trip to the south officially started on June 3rd. First stop…Mississippi! (pics coming soon;))As we headed down the road I started thinking…well you have no choice but to think lol! Sometimes it’s the best time to think to yourself. I started to ponder how everyone has a story; may seem different but we all have one. Everyone had a destination that they so desperately wanted to reach. They all had a reason for hopping on their cars and 18 wheelers at 1am to try to get somewhere. While some drove faster than others and seemed to always be progressing, some had to make continuous stops for potty breaks and food, others were forced to stop to fill-up on gas, some grew weary of the trip and had to pull over and rest, while some lost sleep and decided to do it all in a day.
I couldn’t help but relate this to life. We all leave our homes at different times with a destination in mind. Some have directions while others just sort of “wing it”. We never know when were going to pull over whether by choice or because we must “fill-up” on energy, some choose to take the ride with a partner others choose to go alone; but we all have the same goal and that is to make it to where we want to go and nothing is going to stop us.
We reached VA around 4 am and I was delighted to see HUGE illuminated crosses along the sides of the road. When I say HUGE…I mean HUGE LOL! There were crosses on hills, on top of fields, within trees…they would pop up every now and then. It was such an awesome reminder that no matter where you were, whether near or far from your destination, whether you stopped for gas or a potty break, no matter how late it was at night or early in the morning…Jesus is traveling with you.